Hope Works
The Hope Works job-training program provides hands-on, competency based training to enhance life skills and academic achievement. It has been designed to revitalize and forever change the lives of its participants, helping them once again become contributing members of society.

About Hope Works

The first Hope Works “semester” began with eight “students” on November 1, 2010. Over the course of the nine-month program, they have attended classroom courses and one-on-one mentoring to attain the skills they need to succeed both inside and outside of the workplace, including:

  • Interviewing and employability skills
  • Basic computer training
  • Job search assistance
  • Proficiencies in organization, punctuality and reliability

Additionally, the participants have been actively working with public agencies within Norwalk, assisting the police and fire departments, merchant association and mayor’s office, with various community efforts including street corner cleanup and shoveling sidewalks on snowy days. We are extremely proud of this initiative, and of the progress being made by its participants.

Put Our Graduates to Work

Our Hope Works participants have already come so far. But the true success of the program will ultimately be measured by their achievement in the workplace. Won’t you consider hiring our 2010-2011 graduates for entry-level positions?

Their employability skills and personal qualities will make them ideal candidates within many industries, and we know their potential and enthusiasm will allow them to make vital contributions to your companies. Thank you.

Contact Us

For more information on Hope Works, hiring our graduates or donating to the program, please contact:

Trish Haynes